4 Steps to Get Your RV Ready for Winter

You’ve clocked a lot of miles on your RV this summer and checked a few locations off your bucket list. But now it’s time to prepare your RV for next summer’s fun by doing a little maintenance to get it ready for winter.

Proper Battery Storage: First use a mixture of baking soda and water to clean the battery, being careful not to get the mix into the vents or caps. Then use a hydrometer or voltmeter to make sure the battery is fully charged to around 12.6 volts. Store the battery in a cool, dry, safe place away from children or pets. If fully charged, it won’t freeze unless it gets below -80 degrees.

Fuel Additives: Storing your RV with a half-empty tank of gas can allow moisture in the air above the fuel to condense, so it is a good idea to top off the tank. You can use fuel-storage additives and stabilizers to further protect the integrity of the fuel and keep it from deteriorating.

Water Tanks: Drain both the black and gray water tanks, then use an air compressor to blow the residual water out of the lines. Then you will need approximately two to three gallons of antifreeze to fill the RV plumbing system. If you don’t have a bypass valve for the water heater, you’ll need an additional six to ten gallons of antifreeze to fill the water heater. You can test faucets and the toilet to see if the antifreeze has effectively infiltrated the entire plumbing system.

Gaps and Holes: Prevent a rodent invasion of your RV during the winter months with some simple maintenance. Repair any holes, make sure the mesh guard is in place on your exhaust pipe and block off any vents or holes from access to rodents or birds.

When you need maintenance assistance for your RV, make an appointment to visit Gray Diesel & Equipment Services. From water tank maintenance to checking over the engine of your RV, we make sure your RV is ready for your next round of adventures. Contact us to get scheduled for maintenance.