5 Steps to a Summer-Ready RV

You’re just beginning to see a bud or two on the trees. There are a few more birds singing outside your window, and you’ve noticed your grocery store stocking more charcoal and lemonade. It must be getting close to RV season.

Along with aerating your lawn, spraying down the deck furniture and mulching the landscaping, you should put RV maintenance on your priority list this spring. While winterizing gets a lot of attention, your preparation for summer fun is also critical for long-term motorhome enjoyment. Take a look at five steps you can include on your RV checklist:

Dewinterizing: You may have taken some steps to keep your motorhome humming through the cooler fall months, and maybe you’re even one of those hardy enthusiasts that travels all throughout the winter. Either way, you need to reverse the steps you took to winterize your RV. While you’re flushing all that antifreeze, it may be a good idea to use a bleach rinse on your tanks.

Tires: Even if you’ve got the best possible storage set-up for your RV, a lack of use causes deterioration. Make sure it’s not time to replace your tires and check for uneven wear. As the months go on, keep an eye on tire pressure because pressure is sensitive to temperature.

Oil Change: Check your oil level and the color and viscosity of your oil to see if you should have an oil change before you set out on the road. Even if you haven’t traveled much since your last oil change, it may be beneficial to your RV engine to get one now.

HVAC: You haven’t turned on the air conditioner in months, and you don’t want to wait until you’re crossing Arizona to try it out. You may also want to change the filters to ensure that allergens, pollution and dust are filtered out.

Deep Cleaning: Any vehicle kept in clean, working order will be better-positioned for long-term use, and an motorhome is no different. Don’t just clean the floors, windows and fixtures inside; go through an extensive check outside to be sure that the exterior is clean. Check for dirt and signs of corrosion from salt or road grime. You’ll be ready for fun this summer when you’ve fully prepared for RV with both maintenance and cleaning tasks. Contact us at Gray Diesel & Equipment Services for repairs on your RV or tips for keeping it running well for many summers to come.