5 Steps to Optimum RV Fuel Efficiency

Everyone is feeling the pinch at the pump this summer, but if you’re the owner of a thirsty RV, you may be especially wondering how to rein in costs.

Rather than shortening your route, knocking off an attraction or eliminating your annual stop at the roadside pie stand, there are a few things you can do to improve your fuel efficiency. Some involve preventative maintenance and others just involve awareness. Here are the top five steps to optimizing your RV fuel efficiency:

Check Tire Pressure: You’ve heard that tire pressure makes a difference, but until this summer you probably didn’t think it was worth worrying over. The right tire pressure can make a difference of up to 3% in your fuel efficiency, so be sure you’re not low on air. Test your tires when they’re cool, not just after pulling in from hours of driving and use a high-quality gauge.

Lighten Your Load: With a big RV, you may be used to the mindset that you’ve got room for just about anything you could possibly want to take along. But this summer, you may want to opt for lighter packing. Think of items that you can buy along the way, rather than packing, such as heavy cases of soft drinks or laundry detergent. Think of it as an opportunity to wrangle less gear and pack only the essentials.

Tune it Up: Before you embark on your summer adventure, take your RV in for some preventative maintenance. Changing air filters, getting an oil change and an all-around tune up can help ensure your engine is running at its highest functionality. These kinds of preventative maintenance can mean up to a 4% improvement in fuel efficiency.

Love Cruise Control: Using a consistent speed is one of the best ways to improve fuel efficiency in an RV. A speed between 55 and 60 is usually ideal for preserving fuel, and it drops fast as you speed up, with every five miles per hour decreasing your fuel efficiency by 7%.

Get a Little Obsessive: Use apps to track gas prices across your route. You don’t want to spend your trip smacking your forehead every time you fill up, only to spot cheaper gas a mile down the road. Take the guesswork out of your fueling and plan ahead a bit. Your forehead will thank you.

When it’s nearly time to head out on your road trip, don’t forget to schedule preventative maintenance on your RV to save on fuel costs. Contact us at Gray Diesel & Equipment Services for service on your RV, diesel pickups, trailers and more.