6 Signs It’s Time for Diesel Truck Repair

You want to extend the life of your diesel engine, and sometimes it seems like you’ve landed the perfect vehicle. It’s efficient, powerful and the sound is at a perfect pitch. But surely this can’t last forever; do you know the signs that it’s time for a diesel truck repair?

Noticing the subtle indicators of a problem before your diesel engine needs attention can help ensure you get your vehicle in for a repair before damage is extensive. Here are six that should make you stop and make an appointment for a repair:

You’re Not Feeling the Power: You can feel it when the power to your diesel engine is a bit lacking. This is usually due to a fuel delivery problem and likely requires a repair, but it may simply be the need for a new fuel filter or because the fuel filter bowl isn’t draining properly.

Your Truck is Guzzling: If you notice that fuel efficiency is suffering, it’s a good indication that you’re due for a diesel truck repair. You can also check for other fuel-related issues, such as fuel that has been contaminated with water, soot or glycol.

Blue Smoke: Blue smoke is a telltale sign of an oil leak. It may be due to an overfilled oil chamber or a cylinder that is worn out. A serious oil leak can cause extensive damage, so don’t ignore blue smoke.

Black Exhaust: If your truck is producing black exhaust, it is likely a sign that you have too much fuel combined with insufficient air. Black exhaust is full of toxins and chemicals and in addition to its poor smell, it can even result in a fine. Clogged air filters or a malfunctioning fuel pump may be the cause of a black exhaust problem.

It’s Running too Hot: If your truck is overheating, this is often the sign of a serious problem. Don’t allow overheating to cause permanent damage to your diesel engine by putting off a repair. If it’s the radiator causing your engine to overheat, you may be able to have it replaced without needing to address the entire system if it’s handled immediately.

Hard Starts: If your truck used to start smoothly, but now it is lurching forward, this is a sign that you are due for a diesel truck repair. This can be a problem with your compression system or it could be related to a glow plug issue.

Putting off your diesel truck repair is a near-certain way to shorten the life of your diesel engine and cause more costly damage in the long run. Don’t delay that repair; contact us at Gray Diesel & Equipment Services to schedule an appointment.