6 Ways to Improve Fuel Economy in Your Diesel Truck

Your diesel truck is among the most fuel-efficient on the highway, but with high diesel prices over the last few months, what began as an inconvenience may have become a limiting expense. Those fuel costs add up and they may be forcing you to cut corners in other areas, but there’s another way to go after it. Here are six ways you can cut fuel consumption:

Your Speed: For every mile over 55 mph, you decrease your fuel economy. Keeping speeds under control but also consistent can help, as well as not making quick acceleration as you get on the road. You should also utilize cruise control, as these systems are predictive and can optimize your speed based on your load to improve fuel economy.

Tire Pressure: For every psi your tire is underinflated according to your recommended setting, your diesel truck is losing 1% of fuel economy. And it hurts more than your fuel consumption; an underinflated tire will limit tire life.

A Tuner: Installing a tuner in your engine computer to change the programming can be a great way to improve your fuel consumption. It has multi-function capabilities that act as a gauge monitor but can also improve horsepower and improve fuel economy.

Additives: Diesel fuel in the U.S. tends to be low lubricity and lower in Cetane, so it’s essentially a low-energy fuel with little lubrication. Not great. An additive can increase both of these qualities so that your diesel truck is running with more power and less resistance.

Consider Synthetic: The price tag on a synthetic diesel oil may give you pause, but the improvements to your fuel economy will make it worth the investment. Synthetic oils are more resistant to breakdown, improving their long-term viscosity for better lubrication. They also withstand higher heat and the smaller molecule gets in the tight places to fully lubricate your engine. It keeps your engine cooler while extending your drain interval.

Small Helps: There are a lot of easy steps you can take to improve fuel economy that add up quickly. From not allowing your engine to idle unnecessarily to shutting off unused accessories or planning a route that takes fuel efficiency into account, you’ll see improvements with minor changes.

Scheduling regular preventative maintenance is yet another great way to improve fuel economy in your diesel truck. Contact us at Gray Diesel & Equipment Services to set up an appointment.