How Often Should You Change the Oil on Your Diesel Truck?

Your diesel truck will require an oil change more frequently if it’s operated less efficiently.

Diesel truck maintenance comes with a checklist that includes items like inspecting gaskets and replacing cabin air filters, but one maintenance item comes with a lot of confusion about frequency and requirements. How often should you change the oil on your diesel truck? The answer, of course, is that it depends. While most consumer vehicles […]

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Why Preventative Maintenance is Worth Your Time

Scheduling preventative maintenance on your diesel truck helps protect your truck from costly repairs.

Preventative maintenance can seem like a never-ending, time-consuming part of operating a diesel truck. Each past scheduled appointment feels like yesterday, and yet you’ve got another one coming up tomorrow. But there are good reasons to include preventative maintenance in your planning. Here are a few of them: Resale Value: Not only will preventative maintenance […]

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6 Signs It’s Time for Diesel Truck Repair

Knowing the signs that you’re ready for diesel truck repair can help you extend the life of your engine.

You want to extend the life of your diesel engine, and sometimes it seems like you’ve landed the perfect vehicle. It’s efficient, powerful and the sound is at a perfect pitch. But surely this can’t last forever; do you know the signs that it’s time for a diesel truck repair? Noticing the subtle indicators of […]

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