Preparing for Summer: 5 Items to Include on Your Semi-Truck Checklist

Keeping an eye on your tire pressure is just one step in preparing for summer with your semi-truck.

Prepping your semi-truck for winter is a regular autumn task. You would never want to be caught out on the road in sub-zero temperatures just because you forgot to check fluid levels or because your engine wasn’t lubricated well enough for cold temperatures. In contrast, prepping for summer often gets overlooked. But, it’s just as […]

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5 Dry Van Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Business Moving

Avoid falling prey to unscheduled downtime by implementing these simple dry van maintenance tips.

Waiting until your dry van is out of commission to address its care and maintenance can cost you in terms of both lost productivity and more costly repairs. With the right dry van maintenance tips, you can gain more control over when and where you invest in repairs and stop being at the mercy of […]

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6 Signs It’s Time for Truck Maintenance

Signs like grinding noises, differences in fuel usage and burning smells can indicate truck maintenance is due.

When you’re under pressure to deliver on schedule, it can be easy to put off preventative truck maintenance. But if you’re wanting to get more miles out of your vehicles, you should learn to recognize a few signs that it’s time. Strange Noises: A tractor-trailer isn’t known for peaceful tranquility, but there’s a difference between […]

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Extending the Life of the Fleet With Preventative Maintenance

The life of the fleet is tied closely to the effectiveness of your preventative maintenance plan.

Whether it’s a limited budget, supply chain concerns or simply a new strategy you’re trying, there are many good reasons why you may want to extend the life of the fleet you’re managing. You know that the key to getting the most possible miles out of your fleet is preventative maintenance, but you want to […]

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4 Rules of Winter Care for Your Diesel Engine

Your diesel engine requires awareness of the cloud point and cetane number to avoid engine issues.

4 Rules of Winter Care for Your Diesel Engine Cold weather has set in, and you may be wondering what steps you should take to ensure your winter care for your diesel engine is adequate. For instance, do you let your engine warm up before starting your driving for the day? The simple answer is, […]

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