Don’t Get Spooked by RV Maintenance

The temperature is dropping, the leaves are falling and your neighborhood is starting to look like a setting where you might spot Michael Myers walking slowly down the sidewalk. Yikes. But what should really scare you this time of year is the likelihood that you’ll miss one of the important end-of-season RV maintenance steps.

Don’t Let Something Scary Seep In: One of the most important areas to check on your RV before putting it away for the season is the roof. Check for leaks, which on an RV are inevitable. Even the best sealants will crack with the combination of motion and time.

Some of the best maintenance involves prevention. Store your RV in a storage facility with a roof if you can, but if that’s not possible, invest in a good RV cover that includes UV protection and is waterproof.

When you invest in a new roof on your home, you can have it installed and then forget about it for 15 years. But imagine if your house was traveling at speeds over 60 miles per hour. Yes, you would probably check that roof pretty often.

Cold Air Doesn’t Always Mean a Ghost is Present: Sometimes it means your HVAC system needs to be included in your RV maintenance plans. Your problem could be something simple, like the need to replace an air filter or a thermostat that needs servicing.

While there are many tasks related to your HVAC that you can do yourself, you may find that scheduling an appointment with a service technician is necessary to keep your RV comfortable.

Creepy, Creaking Slide-Outs: The slide-outs on your RV are pretty great for expanding space, but they are vulnerable to problems like corrosion and rust.

The best maintenance is always preventative, and that’s no different for slide-outs. Lubricate the arms often and keep the seals soft to lengthen their effective lifespan. Slide-outs are also a perfect spot for leaks, so keep checking them for problem areas.

Eliminate All Suspense from Stops: Your brakes shouldn’t be setting you up for a lot of intrigues. Make sure your brakes are part of your regular RV maintenance, with tasks like topping off brake fluid and checking the rotors, drums and shoes for wear.

Don’t Get Spooked by RV maintenance. Contact us at a Gray Diesel & Equipment Services location and let’s get your RV ready for winter travel or storage until your next adventure.