Don’t Let April Showers Spoil Your Diesel Fuel


Warmer weather brings a lot of great benefits for drivers. From pleasant driving weather to warmer temps that are easier on an engine, you can mostly look forward to April and its balmy weather. Mostly. Your diesel fuel may have something else to say about it.

Why April Showers Bring Headaches: Your diesel fuel has one major enemy and that’s moisture. When spring rains settle in, you may experience problems like bacteria growth and icing when the temperature fluctuates. It can cause problems with your fuel injector, fuel filter and fuel injection pump.

In addition, spring can draw attention to all the mess that has been happening outside that you haven’t noticed until it causes clogging in your engine. Fallen leaves and other debris may be blocking your plenum drains, and you may not realize that this is a problem until water can’t drain appropriately from your engine.

Preventative Maintenance Can Help: Bring your diesel truck in for preventative maintenance and you’ll have nothing to fear this spring. A product like Dry Edge can eliminate water buildup and moisture in your bulk storage and saddle tanks. It also helps extend the life of a range of fuel-related equipment, including your fuel filter, fuel injection pump and fuel injector.

You’ll also appreciate the product’s ability to limit microbial and bacterial growth in your fuel. Dry Edge offers temperature control as well, so that as temperatures change in the early weeks of spring, you won’t have to deal with icy fuel.

Moisture in your engine can create other problems, such as sloshing noises and a damp interior. By making an appointment for preventative maintenance, you help ensure that these problems are cleared with a full engine inspection.

Spring is usually welcomed by drivers weary of cold engines, freezing days on the road and not enough sunshine. But spring rains aren’t exactly easy to manage without preventative maintenance.

Make an appointment today with Gray Diesel & Equipment Services. You’ll enjoy spring and eliminate all the problems of a soggy April. Contact us to get started.