Fall Diesel Truck Maintenance: Preventing Rust

Autumn is one of the best times to drive a diesel truck. Every drive is filled with gorgeous views of changing leaves, and you don’t have to anticipate a blistering hot cab when you get in your truck.

But with cooling temperatures in September comes one of the biggest concerns for diesel truck maintenance: rust prevention. Particularly if you live in an area with all four seasons, you’re going to see some elements challenge the integrity of your paint finish. Cold weather tends to slow the rusting process, but heat speeds it up. And when you add in factors like salt, chemicals and water, fluctuating temperatures cause a lot of problems.

Here are some ways you can take action to prevent rust:

Keep it Clean: One of the best steps you can take is to keep your diesel truck clean. Not only does it prevent salt and chemicals from building up on your painted finishes, but it gives you an opportunity to check over your vehicle and see if there are any areas of concern. While a clean truck won’t necessarily prevent rust itself, a waxed surface will. Take time to wax your diesel truck after a good wash every two weeks.

Park Carefully: Park your truck where it is less likely to be splashed by other vehicles or scratched by debris. You should also always opt for paved surfaces because unpaved surfaces tend to lock in extra moisture below your undercarriage.

Use Rust Inhibitor: Your diesel truck probably came with a factory-grade rust inhibitor, and while these tend to be effective barriers against rust-causing elements, they do wear down over time. You can purchase additional anti-rust formulas at any auto parts store.

Address Problem Areas: Once you detect an area where the paint has begun to bubble, that is an indication that moisture is between the paint and your diesel truck’s frame. You should immediately seek out a maintenance shop that can address the problem and refinish that section of your truck.

The best solution for your diesel truck is to use preventative maintenance to address the potential for rust long before it appears. That’s why September is a perfect time to get your truck in for some rust inhibitor and a check for any problem areas.

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