Is Your RV Ready to Hit the Road?

You’ve been dreaming of the open road, ready to explore the mountains of Yellowstone, the beaches of Florida or the deserts of the Southwest. Your RV offers you the opportunity to go just about anywhere, so make sure it’s ready to roll this summer.

Make an appointment with your diesel shop for a few preventative maintenance measures that will keep your RV running smoothly this summer:

Tires: Your tires carry a lot of the load, from transporting the weight of your RV to bearing the additional weight of its occupants. These tires are made to be tougher than those on a typical car, but they may also be more prone to damage and wear.

Tire pressure has a big impact on how your RV travels. Too little pressure can result in damage to wheels and axles, as well as overheating the tires. Too much pressure and the tires will wear out faster.

Holding Tanks: You need to have the holding tanks for fresh water, gray water and black water inspected before you take your RV on a trip this summer. It’s important that you have the appropriate filter or tablet for your fresh water, and that the gray and black water collection tanks are checked for bacteria or any leakage that may significantly decrease the enjoyment of a vacation.

Air Conditioning and Heating: One of the greatest benefits of traveling by RV is the ability to connect with nature on your terms. That means you still get the comfort of air conditioning and heating. Have your diesel shop clean these systems of dust and ensure they are working properly so you don’t go from shivering in the mountains to sweating in the desert this summer.

Brake and Tail Lights: It’s your responsibility as an RV owner to ensure that your vehicle is legal for the road. Ask your mechanic to check the wiring for any fraying or cracking in the wires, and be sure that everything is correctly connected.

Towing and Hitching Parts: Towing and hitching equipment can become corroded from salt, dirt and grime, so ask your mechanic to check it over for any possible damage. The main areas to check are the hitches, bearings, couplers and seals, which should all be cleaned and greased.

After your RV has been sitting all winter, preventative maintenance is a must. Contact us at Gray Diesel & Equipment Services to make an appointment or to learn more about extending the life and enjoyment of your RV.