Keeping Your RV Cool on Summer Vacations

RV maintenance in the summer

The temperature is heating up, and you’re planning your summer vacations, all made possible by your RV. But depending on where you’re headed, you may find that you’re battling the heat all summer long. Air conditioning helps, but you may not want the expense of relying too heavily on it. Here are a few tips for keeping your RV cool, even in the hottest parts of the country:

Don’t Cook Inside: You’ll want to limit your indoor cooking to when it’s a cooler part of the day or opt for some campfire recipes or an outdoor stove on hotter days. Cooking inside ramps up the temperature in your RV. Give yourself a break while on your trip and opt for sandwiches, hot dogs cooked over the fire or walking tacos to keep your RV cool.

Use Shades and Awnings: You can significantly drop the temperature of your RV simply by pulling down the shades and using awnings, particularly on the side of the RV where the sun is hitting.

Park in the Shade: This is not always within your control, but when choosing your site online, you may be able to make a selection that offers some natural shade.

Run the AC Before it Gets Hot: Your natural inclination is probably to turn on the air conditioning as soon as you start to get uncomfortable, but it’s easier to cool off an RV before it gets really hot. Turn on your air conditioner in the morning, when walls, floors and ceilings are already relatively cool. You may find that a short time with the air conditioning on in the morning offers several hours of cool temps in the afternoon.

Location, Location, Location: Organizing your summer vacation for optimal weather conditions is another way to ensure a comfortable RV. If you choose a vacation near Lake Michigan or one in the mountains of Colorado, you may find that you never need your air conditioning and are instead reaching for an extra blanket.

Service Your Air Conditioner: From checking the unit to cleaning filters and vents, your diesel repair shop can help ensure that when you do run the air conditioner, you’re running an efficient system.

Turn off the Lights: Just like at home, you can get more hours of cool temps by using common-sense strategies like turning off lights and utilizing ceiling fans, which are often a feature in newer RVs. You can also try leaving the television and other electronics off, which tend to generate heat while in use.

If you’re excitedly planning your summer vacations, be sure to include an appointment for preventative maintenance for your RV. Check in with Gray Diesel & Equipment Services to schedule your appointment before you hit the road.