Offer the Gift of Diesel Truck Upgrades This Holiday Season

Your loved one has a diesel truck and you know how much they adore it, so why not give them the gift of an upgrade? Maybe it’s you who owns a diesel truck and it’s time to treat yourself, and your truck, to something special. Either way, we’ve got you covered with some of the most popular upgrade options you should consider.

Get Charged

For those with a need for power and speed, there’s nothing like turbochargers or superchargers to provide that extra bit of oomph.

A turbo increases airflow by about four times the normal rate, offering a horsepower boost many times that of a traditional engine. If you choose a performance turbocharger, you could see as much as 10 times the horsepower compared to what’s possible straight off the assembly line.

Performance Exhaust

Another way to increase engine power and performance is to clear out the factory exhaust system and install an aftermarket setup. With a performance system installed, the flow of exhaust gases from the engine is streamlined and improved, offering an increase in power and torque.

Performance exhaust is also known to improve fuel economy, but most drivers like the enhanced driving experience it provides.

Differential For off-roading or heavy towing, getting the differential upgrade is almost a requirement. While the factory differential is fine for normal use, it’s not made for heavy-duty use. When you get it upgraded, you get much better traction and reduce wheel spin.

One of the popular upgrade options is a locking differential, locking the wheels at the passenger and driver side to the axle, which makes the wheels turn at the same rate. Another option is the differential gear ratio upgrade, which improves acceleration as well as towing performance.

Get Injected

Fuel injectors are electronic components that spray fuel directly into the engine’s intake manifold. This results in more horsepower. But when you have advanced fuel injectors installed, you get designated injector nozzles that provide even more power. These advanced injectors allow more fuel pressure to build up, essentially atomizing the fuel before it’s released into the manifold. The results are pretty awesome.

Work With a Professional

Need the right parts or to have the service done for you? Contact us at Gray Diesel & Equipment Services. We know the latest trends in diesel truck upgrades and we have the know-how to get your truck outfitted with the performance-enhancing technology that all truck lovers want.