Preparing for Summer: 5 Items to Include on Your Semi-Truck Checklist

Keeping an eye on your tire pressure is just one step in preparing for summer with your semi-truck.

Prepping your semi-truck for winter is a regular autumn task. You would never want to be caught out on the road in sub-zero temperatures just because you forgot to check fluid levels or because your engine wasn’t lubricated well enough for cold temperatures. In contrast, prepping for summer often gets overlooked. But, it’s just as important to have your truck ready for warm months.

Here are five steps you’ll want to include when prepping for summer routes:

Engine Belts: Belts can get dry and cracked due to temperature swings, so you should take a look at how they are holding up to varied weather. Over time, belts can become frayed or misaligned, but a quick look under the hood can show you whether your big rig requires a new engine belt.

Tires: Hot weather can take a toll on your big rig’s tires, from wear and tear to the breaking down of the rubber. In addition, as the temperature goes up, your tire pressure settings will not hold; your weight carrying capacity can be altered.

Your inspection should also evaluate whether your tires are wearing unevenly. This can be a sign that your alignment is off.

Battery: Batteries always get a check as the winter months come on, but did you know that heat can also impact your battery’s charge? Check to be sure you’re fully charged, and that the battery is accurately connected.

A weak battery can fail in summer, causing damage to other components of your electrical systems, like the starter or alternator.

HVAC: Since the air conditioner isn’t used during the winter months, ensuring your semi-truck is comfortable requires preparing for summer heat. Cooling the cab in summer is more taxing on your systems than heating it, so it’s a good idea to do a pressure test and consider a recharge.

It’s also a good idea to consider changing the filters. Warmer weather also introduces more allergens like pollen and mold, plus the driver may be exposed to pollutants and dust mites.

Coolant: Preparing for summer and high temperatures means checking your coolant system. Not only can months of heat cause stress on your system, but the ups and downs in spring temperatures may have led to damaged and brittle hoses or other components. Salt and road sludge may be built up on clamps and cause deterioration that leads to leaks.

Preparing for summer routes may require a bit of extra work, but this quick maintenance checklist can ensure that your time on the road is comfortable and uneventful. Contact us at Gray Diesel & Equipment Services to get your big rig in for routine maintenance at our Lincoln, Nebraska, or Lexington, South Carolina, locations. We’ll help keep your semi-truck operating at its best this summer!