RV Maintenance: Non-Moving Violations

RV maintenance for a stationary vehicle includes oil changes, checking seals and monitoring batteries.

Most RV owners tend to think of maintenance as a task directly connected to mileage. From oil changes to batteries, drivers are trained to count miles over months. But when your vehicle is stationary, there are RV maintenance tasks that must be performed.

Even if you’re a year-round traveler, it’s likely that your RV spends a lot of time in one place. Whether you spend a luxurious two weeks exploring Sedona or two months in Texas, your RV is sitting, and there are maintenance tasks you should be making part of the regular rotation.

Oil Changes: If your RV is on the road, it’s easy to determine when it’s time to change the oil based on how many miles you have traveled. But oil that’s just sitting can also go bad, breaking down and making it less effective at lubricating your engine.

Most RV parks aren’t excited about owners changing their oil on-site, but you may be able to find a mobile service willing to come to you. Or make an appointment for the day you leave at a local mechanic, scheduling it early so you can get right on the road.

Battery: Even when your RV is plugged in, you’re probably still pulling power from the battery for the lights, furnace and other 12-volt devices. If you use a wet cell deep cycle battery, you should check it once a month and add distilled water when necessary.

Tires: This is an important RV maintenance task, because tires that sit tend to square off and can even break down, causing a blowout. Be sure to use wheel covers to protect your tires from the sun.

Seals: The seals on slide-outs and vents can get cracked and warped from the sun. Once every four months, take a few minutes to check your seals and be sure they don’t need replacing.

Generator: If you are parked for a long time, your generator is going unused, which can cause the gasoline in it to go bad and eventually gum up the generator. Gas has a usable shelf life, and running your generator periodically as part of regular RV maintenance can help it avoid problems. Running it every three weeks for 15-20 minutes should be adequate.

When it’s time for RV maintenance, contact us at Gray’s Diesel & Equipment Services. We can help you keep your RV in great working condition with preventative maintenance that reduces the risk of a costly repair and extends the life of your RV.