RV Maintenance Tips You Can’t Afford to Miss

As an RVer, you’ve got your pre-trip checklist down pat. From your pantry to cleaning supplies and bedding to bathroom gear, making your trip a success requires plenty of forethought. But don’t miss out on one of the most important checklists of all – your RV maintenance.

Check and Label Your Pipes

If you’re not keen to rely solely on your memory, try labeling your pipes. Some of this labeling can be skipped if you’re installing new PEX pipes, using red for hot water and blue for cold water. But if your pipes are in great working order and they do not need to be replaced, you can still use the color-coding method, wrapping the appropriate color of tape around a pipe at each joint.

Pack the Right Tools

Having a strong, long-lasting adhesive made especially for pipes can get you out of a jam, so be sure to stow some away in your tool bag. Along with that, add your tube cutter and extra tubing and spare fittings. If you’ve got PEX piping installed, you need custom PEX tools, such as the crimper and the cutter.

Other items you should have in your bag are Teflon tape and pipe sealant, plumber’s grease, a wire brush and pliers. A headlamp will help you see in those dark, tight spaces, and also have handy your six-inch adjustable wrench.

Drain Knowledge

One of the more common RV maintenance issues revolves around clogs. A good drain will catch the items that cause big headaches later, as debris in your pipes is not a good thing. Even with proper drain management, you still might run into problems, which is why we recommend you empty your holding tanks, backwash, clean your lines and sanitize them. You can do this on your freshwater tanks and the gray water tanks and piping systems.


Diehard RVers won’t let the cold winter months stop them, but it’s important to take necessary precautions, like keeping tanks as empty as possible so they won’t freeze and burst. Insulating exterior sewer and water hoses is also vital.

But what if you’re not going to use the RV during the winter? The checklist for you includes utilizing a non-toxic RV antifreeze in your water pump, pressurizing and running the antifreeze through the faucets, flushing the toilet and pouring antifreeze into the drains.

When you bring your RV to Grey Diesel & Equipment Services, we’ll give your pipes a thorough inspection, make the necessary repairs and replacements and assist you with the RV maintenance procedures for any season. Contact us and get more information about what we can do to keep your RV in great condition.