Should Your Next Purchase Be a Diesel Truck?

If you are in the market for a new vehicle that can haul, pull, and allow you to travel in comfort, you may be considering a diesel truck. Thinking through the pros and cons may be a good way to help you make your decision, but here are a few reasons why you should consider going diesel this time:

If You Like to Travel…A diesel truck is a good choice if you do a lot of highway traveling. Diesel fuel is denser, so compression resistance is better. In addition, diesel engines are more thermally efficient when compared to gas engines.

If You Plan to Keep Your Truck for a Long Time…A typical diesel engine simply has fewer parts than its gasoline counterpart, so there are fewer parts to replace or maintain.

If You Prioritize Fuel Efficiency…You’ll notice that gasoline is cheaper at the pump than diesel, but your diesel truck will run more efficiently, using less fuel because of its low revolutions per minute as well as its density. When it comes to highway driving, your diesel truck will be 29% more efficient.

And Environmental Concerns, Too… Along with better fuel efficiency, a diesel truck has an edge on environmental impact; it creates fewer emissions so you can feel good about your carbon footprint.

If You Have Something to Haul… Diesel wins again. If you love to bring a boat or RV on vacation or if you often transport large loads, you’ll be happy you purchased a diesel truck. Diesel engines outperform gasoline in terms of torque, providing more power for hauling.

Just for a balanced approach, here are some of the reasons you might prefer to choose a gasoline engine for your truck:

  • You live in a city with a lot of stop-and-go traffic
  • Your winters are particularly long or harsh
  • Maintenance may be cheaper

A lot of the time, a diesel truck makes sense, but if you have any of the above circumstances, you may want to consider whether it’s the best option.

If you decide on a diesel truck, one of your first post-purchase decisions will be easy: Gray Diesel & Equipment Services. From scheduling preventative maintenance to engine repairs, contact us for all your diesel needs.