Summer RV Maintenance: Your A/C System

Your A/C system in your RV is pretty important. It may even be the sole reason you upgraded to an RV from tent camping. Depending on where you like to travel, a lackluster A/C system may even be a health concern. A regular A/C check should be high on the list of every RV maintenance program. Here are the primary areas you should inspect:

Check and Clean Filters: It might not surprise you to find that your A/C filter quickly gets dirty, considering you’re probably doing a lot of camping around dirt. But it still might slip your mind to check and clean your filter. If you are an occasional traveler, every six months is a good target, but if your RV is often on the road, you may need to clean it up to every month.

Coils and Hood: Plan to take some gentle cleaning supplies up to the roof and see how your coils and hood are doing against the elements. They may need a bit of cleaning and you should also check the hood for any cracking. Direct sunlight tends to cause brittleness in plastic, and any cracks could lead to a leak.

Fins: When you lift the shroud of the A/C unit, you should see a set of fins. These tend to bend easily, but they work best when they are straight and free of any debris. Use a comb to gently straighten the fins and then a vacuum to remove debris.

Voltage: You may think that if you plug in your RV and the A/C works, you’re in good shape. The wrong level of voltage could be causing your A/C to run inefficiently, and work harder than it should. Be sure that your connection offers the voltage you need, at least 115 volts in most cases.

Strategy: There are ways to reduce the burden on the A/C system and even reduce your RV maintenance. Try parking in shaded spots, using awnings to shade windows, switching to LED light bulbs and even opening the windows on cooler nights instead of using the A/C.

Track RV Maintenance

Servicing the A/C unit is just one item of RV maintenance. It can be challenging to remember when you last checked for leaks or cleaned a filter. Tracking routine maintenance can make it easier to stay on top of a well-functioning A/C unit.

Want to make it even easier? Schedule an appointment with Gray Diesel & Equipment Services for A/C servicing and all of your RV Maintenance.