These 4 Modifications Will Improve the Performance of Your Diesel Truck

Getting more horsepower and better performance from your diesel truck will help it tow with ease and improve engine efficiency, but modifications can get pricey fast. How do you decide whether an engine modification is worth it? Here are four that get you the most impact for the investment:

An Air Intake: Your engine operates similarly to an air pump, so getting more air in is beneficial to its performance. While there are a lot of modifications designed to get more air into your engine, such as snorkels that allow your diesel truck to “breathe” under water or those that push air in through the grill, an air intake is one of the most cost-efficient modifications. Your investment could be as low as around $300.

A Tuned Exhaust System: The price tag is a bit higher on this modification, running you at least $1,000 to get more air out, more efficiently. But a tuned exhaust system can improve horsepower and performance, and you can save on the cost because it’s a relatively simple installation to do yourself.

A Fuel Programmer: Your diesel truck is made to be efficient, but you can make small adjustments that improve your truck’s performance with an aftermarket fuel programmer. This tool allows you to manage air/fuel ratios to suit the environment you are driving in, and most models will allow you to save those settings so that as you change from highway to city driving, it’s easy to change your engine’s mode.

Preventative Maintenance: You can spend a lot on modifications for your diesel truck, but if you aren’t performing regular maintenance on it, it’s wasted money. Schedule an appointment to have your truck serviced, as well to check for other maintenance items that might need to be addressed. Your tires, air filter, fuel injectors, cooling system and other items can make a big difference in how your engine is achieving fuel efficiency and producing horsepower.

When it’s time to schedule preventative maintenance or you’re in need of a repair on your diesel truck, contact us at Gray Diesel & Equipment Services. We can handle engine modifications as well, getting your truck running at peak horsepower and efficiency.