What to Look for When Choosing a Diesel Repair Shop

There will come a time when your truck requires the services of a professional diesel repair shop, but how do you know if the shop you choose has your best interests at heart? There are many lessons to be learned from those who have made the wrong decisions, from being surprised by a repair bill to having underqualified mechanics working on the engine.

By asking questions up front and doing plenty of research, you can connect with a shop that will keep your diesel ready for the road.

What Services do they Offer?

You might not have problems with specific areas of your truck now, but before you try to build a relationship with a diesel repair shop, make sure they offer a comprehensive set of services that will address issues that come up as you rack up more miles on your truck.

For example, some common maintenance issues that you’ll likely have to address at some point range from engine cooling problems to oil leaks and electrical system issues to transmission problems. Can your chosen shop handle all of these issues, as well as address exhaust and emission control issues and perhaps even turbocharger failures?

Get an Estimate of Proposed Work

One mistake often made is to agree to repairs before asking for a cost estimate. You should always get the price up front, and then inquire at other diesel repair shops so you can compare pricing. If the price is outrageously high or sounds too good to be true, keep looking until you find a competitive price from professionals who have a quality reputation.

Are They Experienced?

Quality diesel repair shops are proud to talk about their extensive experience and the number of years they’ve assisted customers like you and they will gladly offer references. A shop that fails to be forthcoming about its experience likely doesn’t have much.

Ask Around for References/Recommendations

One of the best sources of information about a shop is your friends, family and co-workers. Where did they take their truck to get serviced? Ask them how they rate the price, customer service, availability to take care of your issues in a timely manner and the overall experience.

Are They Licensed?

Ensuring that a shop is licensed covers a lot of bases, including the fact that in order to be licensed, they must also be insured. There is the expectation that if a shop has been licensed, there are quality assurances related to their services and they are accountable for all the work they do. Also, if your truck is under warranty, you’ll need to work with a licensed shop in order to comply with your warranty terms.

Do Your Research

Take a moment and make a list of all the diesel repair shops in your area and do plenty of online research to discover everything you can about them. Read customer reviews and see how they respond to negative interactions.

At Gray Diesel & Equipment Services, we have a tradition of quality dating back to 1952. Ask around about our services and you’ll find plenty of reasons why you can rely on our professionals to tend to all of your diesel truck needs.