Why Air Filtration is Key to Good Preventative Maintenance

Temperatures are beginning to drop, so air filtration should be a priority on your preventative maintenance list for your diesel truck.

This might surprise you, given that air filtration is often connected with summertime and A/C functions. But when you start your diesel truck on a cold morning, lower temperatures are associated with higher particulate emissions. This soot can be harmful to your lungs and the smallest particles can even pass into your bloodstream.

Particulate emissions are just as bad for your truck. Even eight ounces of dirt can be the ruin of a heavy-duty truck. A good air filter allows your truck to breathe deeply and fuel your powerhouse. To establish a good preventative maintenance plan, here are the steps you should include:

  • When it’s time to remove the air filter, do so carefully so that contaminants are contained.
  • Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for changing your air filter. Follow the instructions provided.
  • Check ducts, housing, clamps and fasteners to be sure they are all in good working order. When you have a leak, it can cause damage that the air filter cannot address.
  • When installing a new filter, make sure it is seated properly and that the connections to attach it are secure. Don’t overtighten a wing nut.

The general recommendation for changing an air filter will differ based on the manufacturer, but a sign that you are waiting too long is dirt in the air filter housing. The signs can get worse from here, with everything from a disintegrating filter to engine failure.

If your air filter has failed, you may see dirt and detritus, and even rodents and nests in your engine.

And in case you are tempted to simply wash your air filter, that’s a bad idea. Banging it on the side of your truck or running it under water are both seemingly harmless methods that lead to big problems. They cause the filter to develop tiny holes that are invisible to the eye but can allow dirt to pass through the filter into the engine.

Preventative maintenance for your diesel truck changes as colder temperatures settle in. For air filter service or other maintenance needs, contact us at Gray Diesel & Equipment Services.