Your Springtime RV Maintenance Checklist

Spring is the ideal time to tackle RV maintenance. You probably have some adventures planned for this summer, and starting on your maintenance items now gives you plenty of time to schedule any repairs. Warmer temperatures make it less likely that any systems will freeze while you’re performing maintenance.

Maintenance can seem a bit overwhelming on an RV, but with this checklist, you’ll have a guide to keep you on track:

Batteries: A battery in storage tends to lose about 10% of its power each month, so it’s a good idea to fully charge them. You should also check water levels and adjust them according to your owner’s manual.

Water and Gas Lines: You winterized your water systems when you put your RV in storage, and now it’s time to reverse the process. Flush the system with faucets running so that you can see when the water runs clear. You’ll need to check for leaks, as well.

Next, check your appliances to see that they are functioning in terms of connections and firing capabilities. Part of your regular RV maintenance should include an annual leak test and a gas pressure test.

Seams: Take the time to examine the seals on your vents and windows. These are prime opportunities for water leaks and damage.

Safety: Make sure your RV is equipped with the right safety equipment, including a fire extinguisher, smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector and PL gas leak detector.

Tires: There is a lot of debate over how long tires should last on an RV, but it’s most important that you monitor them so that you can get as many miles as possible out of them. With an RV that is stored during the winter, look for signs that your tires are squaring off and be sure they are correctly filled. Look for signs of cracks or wear.

Mechanical: You need to have regular RV maintenance on your generator and engine, servicing a few key areas:

  • Brakes, axles and differentials
  • Fluids and filters
  • Belts, wiring and hoses
  • Hitch and tow capabilities

Your mechanic will also be able to recommend any improvements that can be made for fuel efficiency and engine performance.

Taking time in the spring to do RV maintenance ensures your vehicle operates well on the road and you don’t waste any of your vacation time troubleshooting an engine problem or water leak. Contact us at Gray Diesel & Equipment Services to schedule your appointment.