Diesel Truck Modifications That Are Worth the Money

If you’re looking to get a little more boost in your diesel truck but don’t want to spend a lot, you’re in luck because there are modifications available that won’t break the bank.

Your first thought might be dropping a turbo in your diesel truck, but you’re looking at $1,600 for the most basic turbo. Tack the labor cost on top of that and you’re suddenly looking at a project that may add up to more than you have in your budget. The following are some options you should consider.

Air In, Air Out

The more air you can get to your engine, the sweeter it will run. At the same time, you also want to get more air out, which is why getting a tuned exhaust system installed is thought by many to be a great modification. Plus they are far less expensive than a turbo.

To get more air to your engine, consider one of several air intakes made for diesel trucks, including ones that look like a snorkel feeding air to where it needs to be. Some manufacturers offering cold air intake systems tout an 8 to 25 horsepower gain.

ECM Adjustments

The engine control module (ECM) is the brain of the engine, but it sometimes needs a little fine-tuning to achieve optimized performance. This is one of the more cost-effective methods for boosting power in your diesel truck and only requires an adjustment for timing and pressure, essentially altering the compression ratios so your transmission operates more efficiently.

New Injectors

The longer you drive your truck, the dirtier your fuel injectors become. It happens so gradually that you might not notice for a long time that your truck has become a bit sluggish. Maybe you also notice you’re not getting the same gas mileage you once were. Either of these situations is a sign of dirty injectors. Consider installing a set of high-flowing injectors – you’ll notice a difference in performance.

Simple Maintenance

Is maintenance a modification? Not really, but making a checklist of monthly, bi-monthly and yearly maintenance items will help you keep your truck in great running condition while staving off some of the usual problems that come with mileage. You might even notice a bit more power when you switch out your old dirty filters for new ones. Flush and change your transmission fluid as often as is advised per your make and model recommendation, and, while you’re at it, check your coolant levels.

If you’ve got questions about diesel truck modifications, talk to the experts at Gray Diesel & Equipment Services. Our team of professionals have years of experience helping truck owners get the most out of their vehicles and we can do the same with your truck.