Extending the Life of the Fleet With Preventative Maintenance

The life of the fleet is tied closely to the effectiveness of your preventative maintenance plan.

Whether it’s a limited budget, supply chain concerns or simply a new strategy you’re trying, there are many good reasons why you may want to extend the life of the fleet you’re managing. You know that the key to getting the most possible miles out of your fleet is preventative maintenance, but you want to be sure you’re getting all the right steps scheduled. Here’s your guide:

Know Your Vehicles: Rather than putting all of your vehicles on the same preventative maintenance schedule, dig deeper and look at the owner’s manual for each of your diesel engines. There may also be useful online tools that help you develop a specific maintenance schedule. Adhering to the use of factory-recommended parts and products may also extend the life of the fleet.

Insist on Cleanliness: If your drivers are allowed to let things slide when it comes to the appearance of the vehicle, it’s likely that they will cut corners when it comes to routine checks and reporting any issues. Set a standard for vehicle care that includes all aspects of the vehicle, and you’ll get more miles and years out of your fleet.

Give Tires Their Due: You’ve heard that your teeth hygiene tells a story about your overall physical, bodily health. Think of the tires as the teeth of your fleet and examine them for more indicators of problems. Irregular wear can signal bigger issues in how your vehicle is operating, so check tires regularly for concerning signs.

Carefully Track Maintenance: Consider how to best track when certain maintenance and truck repairs are due, and then set up helpful reminders through email or text to keep your drivers stay on time with the projects. A fleet maintenance software system may help you manage a large fleet or a fleet that has a large number of older diesel vehicles.

Be Consistent: It’s likely that you’re not the only outfit trying to extend the life of the fleet, and you may run into backup at your repair shop. If you find yourselves doing some maintenance in-house, as many fleets are currently engaged in, be sure to document that maintenance consistently with your other work being done on your fleet.

Use Smart Timing: Watch for changes in your fleet that should trigger a preventative maintenance appointment. For instance, schedule preventative maintenance when the factory or extended warranty is about to expire. And be careful with when you do repairs, avoiding mistakes like replacing tires when a vehicle is about to be traded or sold.

With the right preventative maintenance steps, you can extend the life of the fleet by many miles. When it’s time for a bit of work on a vehicle, stop in at Gray Diesel & Equipment Services in Lincoln, Nebraska, or in Lexington, South Carolina. We’ll help you swiftly get back on the road for a safe journey.