Ghostbusting: Eliminating the Power-Sucking Goblins That Destroy RV Efficiency

Sometimes the scariest ghosts are the ones you can’t see. What can be spooky is the evidence they leave after they’ve been haunting you. We’re talking about ghostbusting the practices that can pull more power than you planned and throw your RV efficiency off course.

You’ve probably thought through a lot of areas related to RV efficiency, such as keeping lights off when you’re outside and cleaning your A/C filter so your unit runs at optimum levels. But there are some sneaky factors that can sap your power and cause the expense of your fun to go up incrementally until RVing is suddenly much more costly than you anticipated.

Take a look at some of the most common goblins affecting your efficiency:

The Inverter: Many RV travelers turn on the inverter and assume they need to leave it on the entire time they are traveling. But unless you need to run your microwave or a hair dryer, you can leave the inverter off to conserve power while boondocking.

You can also utilize your 12-volt battery power to charge items like phones, watches, or computers simply by plugging into the USB port for that battery option, allowing you to leave your inverter turned off.

Consider Lithium Batteries: Another common ghostly power-hungry item is your battery. One of the most efficient choices you can make is to use lithium batteries for your coach. They last longer, charge faster and while they are more expensive, the savings quickly outpace the initial cost.

Invest in Solar: Solar comes in handy for a variety of uses while boondocking. You can do something simple, such as purchase a solar lantern that will provide hours of light, or you can invest in solar panels that are mounted on your roof.

High-Efficiency Bulbs: You probably never considered that your lightbulbs might be little ghosts stealing all of your RV efficiency. Just like LED lighting helps your home run more efficiently, it can also improve the efficiency of your RV. Every time one of your old lightbulbs burns out, replace it with a high-efficiency option.

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