The Top Reasons Being an RV Owner will Make You Happy

Whether you’re an avid traveler or have grand goals to become more explorative, the fact that you’re interested in taking your travels in an RV means you’re serious about convenience and fun. Taking a page from those who are already out there in their RVs, let’s take a look at some of the things you’ll love about being an RV owner.

Maybe you’ve been a camper and have enjoyed some gorgeous backcountry in your past, but have moved on to car camping and are looking for even more convenience and comfort. Or, maybe you’re just a frequent traveler who has relied on roadside inns, motels or hotels for your lodging and have grown weary of the expense. Regardless of how you got to where you are now – researching RVs – the common thread between all RV owners is their need to have the comforts of home while on the road.

Family on the Road

Yes, you can comfortably fit your entire family in an RV (the size of the RV will have to match the size of the family), but you’ll also find an extended family in other RV owners while you’re out and about. You’ve noticed how most people keep to themselves in hotel situations, but RVers are a different breed and enjoy chatting and developing friendships. From sharing dinners to having game nights, social perks are numerous, but there is also a sense of comfort knowing that if you run into a problem, you’ve got a community of other RV owners on your side to assist.

Pet Friendly

How many hotels or motels have you had to pass up because they didn’t allow pets? That’s a thing of the past with an RV. Take your dog, cat or whatever kind of pet you have with you in your RV and never worry about being shut out of a lodging situation. Also, who doesn’t want to take their furry family members with them on vacation? Don’t leave them behind in a kennel or with a sitter – take them on the road with you in your RV.


Let impulse-driven desires lead the way while traveling in an RV. Do you hate being tethered to a strict schedule? Your RV allows you the freedom of spontaneity and to stop and go as you please. It’s not uncommon for RVers to devise a plan while they’re on the road. From extending a stay to shortening it, it’s all up to you.

Save Money

You pay more for fuel in an RV than you would for car travel, but you have the luxury of lower expenses compared to a hotel. If you plan your trips right, you’ll also enjoy free nights camping in various government-controlled properties, such as Bureau of Land Management areas where you pay nothing. Casino parking lots, some big box stores and rest areas are also options for getting that much-needed shut-eye on long journeys.

If you’ve got questions about RVs, ask one of the professionals at Gray Diesel. We work with RV owners on a daily basis, ensuring vehicles are everything from road-ready to winterized and efficient.