Truck Lift Repair and Servicing

Many factors play into a truck maintenance shop’s ability to maintain productivity. A standardized reporting system cuts down on note taking. Shop organization can create a smoother workflow. Regular recruitment of technicians and collaboration with technician training schools can help you combat technician shortages and ensure you’re fully staffed. And truck maintenance equipment quality and reliability can prevent downtime while you wait on replacement tools.

Truck lifts that can be easily repaired make a valuable difference to a shop’s bottom line. Being able to source parts from a vertically-integrated manufacturer simplifies the repair process. Brands like Gray Manufacturing are able to swiftly deliver replacement parts to lifting equipment because overseas shipping is eliminated from the process.

Unfortunately, not all lifts have the longevity to justify repairs. Some manufacturers prioritize affordability to the detriment of equipment quality. The result can be equipment that breaks down after only a few years of use and has so many deteriorated parts that it threatens shop safety. In this instance, replacing parts could still leave technicians in danger and may cost more than the initial value of the tool. The downside to replacing this type of lifting equipment is that the cost of replacement every few years quickly adds up.

Shops that choose to make the investment in lifting equipment known for its top quality benefit from years of reliable use. They gain the peace of mind that their technicians can safely lift and service big rigs, limiting the shop’s exposure to liability. Choosing a brand that’s also known for its customer service is an added bonus should decades of shop wear and tear require a replacement part.

At Gray Diesel & Equipment Services, we provide the Lincoln, Nebraska, and Lexington, South Carolina, areas a local solution for truck lift and shop equipment repair. As an authorized distributor of Gray Manufacturing truck lifts and maintenance tools, we can also supply you with high quality, long-lasting floor jacks, truck service lifts, shop presses, transmission jacks and more. Call or visit us today.